Maggie and Laura have a good friend who recently released his first mystery novel for middle-grade children.  It's getting great reviews!  Check out John Madormo's Charlie Collier: Snoop For Hire -- The Homemade Stuffing Caper.  Enjoy!

We talked in episode 65 about how one of my ambitious summer goals is to grow the most freakishly cool garden in the Naperville Garden Plots.  Good news: My seeds have arrived and I'm well on my way to having the tallest sunflowers and the largest pumpkins in the western suburbs.  Here are the highlights and specifics of my plans, in case you want to join the fun:

Sunzilla:  These sunflowers grow up to 16 feet tall and have nice, thick stems to support the weight of the giant flower.

Wyatt's Wonder: According to the packet, these are "gorgeous, globe-shaped, deeply lobed, rich orange giants."  Perfect!  Supposedly, if I do everything right, these guys will be exhibition-worthy at 70 - 150 lbs.  Will my 150 pound pumpkin fit into the back of my Honda Civic?  No time to worry about those de

So. freakin. excited.

Here's the website where I bought my seeds: http://www.reneesgarden.com